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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Etiquette and Safety Rules From Palm Beach Etiquette

Children should know the etiquette of Trick or Treating.  Review with them the manners and safety rules of Halloween.
Younger children should always be accompanied by an adult.  Always.

Say thank you each and every time someone gives you ‘treats’. Never say, “Eww, I don’t like that.”  Simply say ‘thank you’ and be on your merry way.

Ensure that all costumes and accessories are flame retardant. Make sure that the length is not too long in order to avoid tripping all evening, in the dark.

Check props - knives, staffs, rods, should all be dull with rounded edges.

Wear comfortable, walking shoes.  The wrong shoes can be a Halloween party pooper.

Teach kids to stay away from fire - lighted pumpkins, lanterns, etc.

Stand outside to collect any ‘treats’. Do not go inside a stranger’s home!

Don't trample flower beds, vegetable gardens or walk all over someone's grass.  It's impolite.
Carry a flash light so as to alert cars of your presence.

Make sure your cell phone is charged and is with you.

Walk on the sidewalks, not in the street.  It is difficult to see Trick or Treaters who are dressed in black and other dark colors. 

Teens should walk together in groups.  There should be no one leaving the group.

Trick or Treat within your comfort zone - neighborhoods that you know, churches, shopping malls.

Don’t ring the doorbell over and over. If there’s no answer, move on.

If there is a light on, this is usually a welcome sign.

Take 1-2 pieces of candy only.  No gluttony please. Don’t stuff a pillowcase full.  Think of others.

No rolling (toilet papering) houses or cars, throwing paint, overturning trash cans, leaving dead, black flowers.  No ringing bells and running. The police take these things seriously.  Make it fun!  A night in the clinker is no one’s idea of fun.

Check the candy before allowing your child to eat it.  Try to stick to tightly packaged candies. Throw out small candies that are choking hazards.  Throw away homemade foods and fruit, unless you personally know the donors.

Hide the candy from all pets.  Many a Fido has become ill from to much sugar and the chocolate is a danger to them.

Now . . . pour out all that candy, separate what you like and don’t, and have a huge trade party with your family and friends.  It’s a great excuse to continue celebrating Halloween!

Happy Safe Trick or Treating Everyone!

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